Website Proposal


I am proposing to build a site focusing on typography in album cover art. To analyze the relationship of type and music, focusing on the most common forms of typography used, the evolution of album typography over the past century as well as any feelings the typography may evoke or compliment. This is an important topic because it is an influential corridor of typography through time. It seems album cover type either influences other type choices in the industry or is influenced by outside type choices.

The site would catalog some of the more influential album covers and the typography utilized. Some of the categories would include specific designers, commonalities within genres, commonalities within time periods.

The site would hopefully interest most people, considering music is a broad art enjoyed by many ages, races and cultures. The site will no doubt be of more interest to a graphic designer, since it pertains to their field in a more direct manner. As well as cover art, the site will also explore concert posters and kinetic typography in music videos.

Site Concept

Due to the considerable impact of typography in the field of design, the site concept deals directly with the application of typography in the real world. Ideally, the site would feature a community driven aspect with the option to comment on various pieces and perhaps even an option to vote for your favorite.

Because typography is such an important element of design, especially in cover art where a balance between legibility and communication is vital, it may be important to highlight some of the worst cover art. The site would feature a cover art ‘worst’ in order to generate some global movement and assist in the contrast between fantastic design and cover art ‘fails.’


Specific designers / artists

  • Alex Trochut
  • First and Fifteenth (Powers)
  • Alex Steinweiss
  • S. Neil Fujita
  • Reid Miles
  • Tom Adams
  • Wayne White
  • Tappin Gofton
  • Sanna Annukka
  • Alex Trochut


  • Dexter Gordon – Go
  • Jackie McLean – Right Now
  • Miles Davis – Bags Groove
  • Art Blakely – A Night In Tunisia
  • Cannonball Adderley – Somethin’ Else


  • The Mariachi Brass – A Taste of Tequila
  • Group Therapy – People Get Ready For
  • The Zodiac – Cosmic Sounds
  • Richie Havens – Something Else Again
  • Ultimate Spinach – S/T
  • Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet
  • The Doors – The Soft Parade
  • Iron Butterfly – Ball
  • The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper


  • Hot Tuna – Hot Tuna
  • Joy of Cooking – Joy of Cooking
  • Blood Sweat & Tears – s/t
  • Mountain – Nantucket Sleighride
  • Edgar Winter Group – They only Come Out At Night
  • Roxy Music – Country Life
  • Bee Gees – Main Course
  • Heart – Dreamboat Annie
  • Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bullocks
  • Talking Heads – 77
  • Lou Reed – S/T


  • Bon Jovi – Have A Nice Day
  • The Clash – London Calling
  • Chicago – Chicago XIV
  • The Firm – S/T


  • Nirvana – S/T
  • The Notorious B.I.G. – Ready To Die

2000 and beyond

  • Portishead – Third
  • Green Day – American Idiot
  • TV On The Radio – Dear Science
  • Beck – The Information
  • Gotan Project – Tango 3.0
  • Radiohead – In Rainbows
  • Daft Punk – Discovery
  • Chemical Brothers – Push The Button
  • Spank Rock – Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo
  • Stateless – S/T
  • Coldplay – Viva La Vida



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